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Vicki Capers - Dallas, Texas

The guides Nick and Joe did an awesome job! Even the driver was great. The introduction video on the bus got you real excited about the tour. The guide also had plenty snacks for us, even rain capes where thought about. - A GREAT TOUR!

Sonja Roberts - New York, NY

Brilliant tour for people living both inside and outside of Manhattan. Great event to take your friends and family to, because it's amazing destinations are a relative short drive away. An absolutely brilliant way to spend your time!

Francesco Mino - Zurich, Switzerland 

Great tour for people there wants to see something outside of NYC.  Especially great for people there like to be active. The guides are great. A lifetime experience of mother nature. The cave was a visit to another world, you felt the energy in the caves from the many crystals and stone formations.  

Kandace Sparks - New York, NY 

I would recommend Hines Tours to anyone looking for an outdoor experience away from New York City. The Catskills region is truly a remarkable and historic part of New York. The trip was definitely worth waking up early for, I can't wait to join Hines Tours again!

Jennifer Marin - New York, NY


I have traveled to many places around the world.  So, I have been on many tours.  What makes Hines tours stand out from the rest is their attention to details, their unwavering commitment to you, the customer.  From hiring the most informed tour guides, to researching the best restaurants in the area.  If you are thinking about taking this tour, don't hesitate.  And for those of you looking to impress that special someone, whether it's a mate, your parent, child or friend visiting from out of town.  Trust me at the end of the day you will be their special hero.


Rathnakar Rao - Jersey City, NJ


It was absolutely a great trip. Thanks for arranging this.

Hope you will arrange more tours like this, looking forward for exploring new natural places.


Leandra Velazquez - Queens, NY (11 Years)

It was a great day, I had fun.

I like the cave it was also fun, you could see something you don’t see every day.

The hiking was fun because you could see the nature and lots of water.

Good tour for kids because you will never forget it.


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