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Death Valley & Red Rock Canyon (4 days/4 nights)
California and Nevada


xxxx (Thu – Mon) 4 (5) days / 4 nights

Join us in this tour to Death Valley National Park and Red Rock Canyon. On this tour we will NOT include the airfare, this gives you the flexibility to fly in days before or stay longer to extend your vacation, choose which airport to travel from and maybe use your own frequent flyer points.

$999  (Per person based on double occupancy)

$1,199 (Single room, must be 18 years old)

Please let us know if you do not have a traveling partner and you want us helping you find another person of the same gender to share a room with to save $200. 


To reserve a seat for this tour you must pay a $200 non-refundable deposit per person. Remaining balance is due latest xxxxx, if the remaining balance is not received on that day, the reservation will be considered cancelled with loss of the deposit. Reservations for this tour made after xxxxxx must be paid in full at time of reservation. (If seats are still available)



The following is included in the price:             

  • 4 nights accommodations at 2-3 Star comfortable hotels
  • 1 Breakfast
  • 3 Lunches
  • 4 Dinners
  • Unlimited Water
  • Sightseeing & activities every day (Fri-Mon)
  • All local transportation w. private van from Las Vegas Hotel to Las Vegas Airport
  • Death Valley National Park entrance fee
  • Red Rock Canyon entrance fee
  • Tour coordinator during the whole tour from Las Vegas Hotel to Las Vegas airport
  • Wifi at the hotel
  • All taxes and fees


Not included in price:

  • Airfare and luggage fees from and to NYC
  • Taxi/Uber from Airport to Las Vegas Hotel
  • Any snack between meals
  • Any insurance
  • 3 Breakfasts and 1 Lunch
  • Gratuities for your guides/driver (Tipping your tour guide is left to your discretion)
Tour Start
The tour will start from Hotel Club De Soleil All-Suites Resort in Las Vegas Wednesday xxxxxx, you can check in to the hotel any time after 4 pm. This will give you an opportunity to fly in from NYC with any flights that you prefer on the same day or days before . You can easily take a taxi or an Uber/Lift from the airport to the hotel. We will leave and start our drive next day xxxx from the hotel in the morning. When we meet in the morning of xxxxx, we have a Liability waiver for you to sign. You can find our Liability waiver in a link to the left on our website. If you can't agree to sign this waiver, please don't book a tour with us.


Death Valley National Park
We will visit Death Valley National Park, this is the largest national park in the continental US at 5,270 square miles, it has the lowest elevation on the continent at 282 feet below sea level. It is also the driest and hottest place in North America with and annual rainfall of less than two inches and the highest measured temperature of 134°F. But no worries, we will not visit during the hottest time of the year. We will most likely experience temperatures between 58 to 85 degrees of dry air. The park is part of the Mojave Desert and is home to many species of plants and animals that have adapted to this harsh desert environment including Joshua trees, bighorn sheep, coyotes, and the Death Valley pupfish, a survivor from much wetter times.

A series of Native American groups inhabited the area from as early as 7000 BC, up until around 1000 AD who migrated between winter camps in the valleys and summer grounds in the mountains. A group of European Americans, trapped in the valley in 1849 while looking for a shortcut to the gold fields of California, gave the valley its name, even though only one of their groups died there. Several short-lived boom towns sprang up during the late 19th and early 20th centuries to mine gold and silver. The only long-term profitable ore to be mined was borax, which was transported out of the valley with mules. Death Valley is the land of extreme and has extraordinary diversity in landscapes, you will find mountains, volcanoes, sand dunes, salt flats, badlands, valleys and canyons. We will experience it all.



We will visit most of the places that you see in the video above


Sand Dunes

In Death Valley there are five major groups of Sand Dunes, we will visit at least one of them. We will venture into the sand dunes and you can feel free to take your shoes off and feel the sand between your toes, while you experience the fantastic landscape.


Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin is the lowest point in North America at 282 ft (86 m) below sea level and is a surreal landscape of vast salt flats. The salt flats here cover nearly 200 square miles (518 square km), and are composed mostly of sodium chloride (table salt), along with calcite, gypsum, and borax. The best views of the salt flats do require an easy 1.5 - 2 mile roundtrip walk out onto the salt flats. Nowhere else in America can you see such a dramatic vertical relief over such a close distance.


Ghost Town

We will visit an abandoned mining town, with remnants of its glory days visible in the crumbling and decaying old buildings.


One of the highlights of this ghost town is a unique art installation of ghostly figures erected on the edge of the town.


Artist's Palette

Artist's Palette is a colorful section of a hillside, with shades that range from orange, pink, and brown to green and turquoise, created by different minerals in the rock.



Devil's Golf Course

Devil's Golf Course is a flat expanse of sharp salt crystals that form a huge field of jagged salt boulders. From the parking area, you can walk right out onto the field, if you choose. It may seem like there isn't much to see here, but the vastness, solitude, and quietness, along with the unusual sight, creates a unique experience.


Historical Sites

We will visit a couple of historical sites, most of them with some sort of remnants from the heyday of the time when mining was done here


Ubehebe Volcano Crater

Ubehebe Crater (pronounced YOO-bee-HEE-bee) is only one of about a dozen craters in the Ubehebe volcanic field, it is the largest and youngest at an estimated 2,100 years old. The crater is approximately 0.5 miles in diameter, and ranges from 500-777 feet deep, depending which ridge it is measured from. The crater is easily viewed from the parking area, but you will also get some time to hike around and explore the area which also will reveal some smaller craters and interesting erosion.



We will stop at difference attractions, and many of the stops will be hikes from 0.5 to 3 miles in lengths. Almost all the hikes are classified as “easy” with the exception of maybe one or two hikes, you are free to only participate in what you feel like that you can do. Please also understand that we might visit some attractions which require a long drive on a bumpy gravel road.  


Hike to a natural bridge


Hike around one of the few places in Death Valley that actually have water


Drive to Viewpoints, if you don't like hiking to much, we will also drive to a couple of spectacular viewpoints where no hiking is necessary. 



Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area lies in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. It’s known for geological features such as towering red sandstone peaks and the Keystone Thrust Fault, as well as Native American petroglyphs.


This area has some of the most breathtaking places in Nevada and it is Nevada’s first National Conservation Area.


We will drive through the park on a 13-mile scenic drive where we will stop several places to indulge ourselves in smaller hikes and see beautiful panoramic viewpoints.


China Ranch Date Farm 

We will visit a small family owned and operated date farm, a lush piece of greenery amidst the desert. The farm has more than 1,000 date trees. You can just relax and browse through their store and bakery with many date products including delicious date nut bread and date shakes. You will also find many beautiful hiking trails varying in length.




We will stay at 2 different hotels on this tour. To make it affordable for everyone; we will choose basic but comfortable 2-3-star hotels. Your rooms will always have private bath and free Wifi and most of them will also have a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and Flat screen HDTV.



Food Included in price:


Day 1 Thu: Arrival, no food included

Day 2 Fri: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 3 Sat: Lunch and Dinner

Day 4 Sun: Lunch and Dinner

Day 5 Mon: Lunch and Dinner

Note: Please understand that some of the days we will be staying in a very small town with very limited eating options, basically with only a few very casual restaurants serving very simple foods such as burgers, sandwiches and BBQ meat.



Tour End

The tour will end at Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport (Used to be called McCarran) at 8:30 pm on xxxxxxx. This will give you an opportunity to fly back with an overnight flight to NYC, or if you wish you can stay more days in Las Vegas at own cost.



Recommended Packing List – Death Valley & Red Rock Canyon



We have limited space in our transportation vehicle. Please don’t bring more than one carry-on bag or duffel bag (10' x 15' x 22') and one small backpack for day tours per person. Check with your airline for weight and size restrictions. For your carry-on bag, please make sure that any containers with liquids are limited to 3.4 ounces (100 ml).



□ A valid government issued identification (very important, you need this for the flight, Hines Tours are not responsible if you are denied boarding due to an invalid identification, missing identification or for any other reasons)



Dress in layers. Between the different places that we will visit we will most likely experience temperatures anywhere from 58 to 85 degrees. We don’t recommend you bring a winter coat, it is better to wear a lot of layers under a fall jacket.

□   Underclothes and socks

□   T-shirts

□   Sweaters

□   Light / Fall Jacket

□   Hiking Pants

□   Shorts

□   Swimsuit

□   Hiking Boots / Sneakers with good traction

□   Emergency Rain Poncho

□   Hat



□   Phone and charger

□   Camera, charger and maybe extra memory & Battery



□   Allergy medicine if needed

□   Pain relievers

□   Band-aids

□   Motion sickness medicine if needed

□   Any prescribed medication



□   Toothbrush and Toothpaste

□   Travel-sized lotion, shampoo, and body wash

□   Contact lens case and solution



□   Insect repellant

□   National Park Passport (if you own one)

□   Sun block and sunglasses

□   Small collapsible cooler for a lunch pack

□   Cash and Credit Card/Debit Card

(We will pay for the hotel room, but you will have to give the hotel your credit card/debit card info which only will be used for incidentals such as long distance phone calls or damages the hotel room including smoking)


If you are concern about losing money due to illness (including Covid-19) or other unpredictable matters, we highly recommend you buy a travel insurance. We can recommend www.insuremytrip.com or www.squaremouth.com (Hines Tours is not affiliated with either of these sites in any form). We do not give tour refunds or tour credits if you are not able to make the tour for unforeseen reasons.



MULTI DAY FLYING TOURS Cancellation Fees (Per Person)

30 days or more before departure - Loss of deposit

15 – 29 days before departure - 50% of tour price

14 days or less before departure - No refund or tour credit.


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