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We have the last few years not printed any brochures, due to the Coronavirus pandemic that forced us to make many changes to our schedule. We have decided to not print our brochures again, and only continue with our email list. We have made this decision based on several factors:

  • Cost saving. The money that we save from not printing our brochures we can pass on to our customers by continuing to offer affordable exciting tours.
  • Relevance. With printed material, it might not be up to date if we were forced to make changes. Our website will always be up to date with relevant tour info.
  • Environmentally Friendly. We will lower our carbon footprint by going paperless and not printing physical brochures. 


It would help if you add us to your email address "friends" list, that would prevent that our emails ends in your spam box. On average we will send less than one email per month.


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