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Tour 24 Details
Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, Nay Aug & Seven Tubs Park


We will start our tour at 7 am in midtown Manhattan, 8th Avenue between 33rd and 34th Street (by Duane Reade) DON'T BE LATE! Come 15 minutes early to check in.

You will be greeted by your tour guide for the day. You will sign our liability waiver, and after departure a light breakfast will be served on board the coach/van.


On this tour we will drive to Pennsylvania to experience both history and spectacular natural wonders.

Start the day at Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm. This farm Is a 19th century Pennsylvania German farm which work as an open air museum dedicated to the preservation and education of rural farm life.





The farm is an example of life on a self-sufficient homestead, with period-dressed "farm family" members re-enacting the life with hands on demonstrations of an original Pennsylvania German family who lived on the farm from the 1760s to 1913. The farm includes nine buildings; some of these are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.





Quiet Valley raises a variety of historically appropriate farm animals, which are there to watch, listen to and touch. The guides will take you back in time to relive and observe the activities typical of nineteenth century farm life and teach you about the role animals played in the daily life of the farm.

With the continued loss of local farms it becomes more relevant every day to save the history that is part of all our lives.



We will eat lunch



Next we will drive to the Nay Aug Park. Here we will experience the beautiful Nay Aug Gorge which was created at the end of the most recent ice age. This Gorge has been named a National Natural Landmark. You will have some time on your own to explore the gorge with easy trails to viewpoints of waterfalls.





You will also experience the Nay Aug Park’s David Wenzel Tree house, it is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania, opened in 2007. It overlooks the gorge, rising an awesome 150 feet above. The tree house was constructed with public and private donations and set the stage for additional tree houses in other cities across the United States.





Next we will visit Seven Tubs Natural Area. This is a public recreation area in the Pennsylvania Mountains.





The tubs are a series of glacial potholes found along a creek in an area called Whirlpool Valley. The tubs were created by a series of glaciers that went through the area more than 12,000 years ago, formed by water flowing over gray sandstone. The views in and around the tubs are spectacular. The largest tub is about 30 feet wide.





This area is filled with wildlife. Bird watching is popular at the tubs and surrounding woods. You will also have the opportunity to do some hiking; there are several trails centered around the tubs and along the streams. It is also very nice place where you can sit on the bedrock and dip your feet into the cool refreshing water on a warm day.

We will drive back to NYC.
Arrival back to NYC at approximately 8 pm.

Hines Tours reserves the right to alter the itinerary, plans and arrangements for the tour, if in the judgment of Hines Tours it becomes advisable to do so.




ID: Please bring a valid government issued identification. (Adults only)

CLOTHES: according to the weather. 

FOOTWEAR: Hiking shoes, good walking shoes or sneakers with good traction will do as well. Maybe water shoes or sandals if you wish to wade in the water. Do not wear dress shoes or high heels.

RAIN GEAR: Even with no rain in the forecast, we highly recommend you to bring rain gear.

WATER: In a plastic bottle, especially on hot days. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

TOWEL (Maybe): And maybe some dry clothes, If you feel like wading in water 

MOSQUITO REPELLANT containing deet

CAMERA: With extra memory/film is highly recommended. You will experience breath taking scenery.

CASH: Although our tour is classified as an "all inclusive". It is advisable to bring some cash for snacks and gratuities for the guide which is left to your discretion.

AN OPEN MIND: Although this is a recreational/leisure tour, you will also learn about history of farm life.


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