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Tours 5 - Dolphin Watch and Harbor Safari (Cape May)


We will start our tour at 7 am in midtown Manhattan, 8th Avenue between 33rd and 34th Street (by the Duane Reade) DON'T BE LATE! Come 15 minutes early. 

You will be greeted by your tour guide for the day. You will sign our liability waiver, and after departure a light breakfast will be served on board the van.

We will drive to the most southern point of New Jersey, Cape May. Here we will start our day by visiting the Nature Center of Cape May a part of the New Jersey Audubon Society.


Here we will together with a marine biologist pull a seine net through the waters of Cape May Harbor.




Explore hands on the incredible diversity of marine life in the shallows.





















Learn about the fascinating lives of the animals that inhibit our coastal waters.


In the afternoon we will experience a 3 hours voyage aboard a 110 foot vessel in search of marine mammals such as dolphins and whales.


Relax on the deck and enjoy a box lunch as we cruise the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay and learn about the exciting ocean life.


The species there is most regularly sighted are bottlenose dolphins but you will also have a chance to see humpback whales, finback whales and sea turtles.


Every tour is guided by a marine naturalist.


For a short time we will also sail on the Intracoastal waterway


You might already have seen dolphins in captivity but the experience of seeing these beautiful intelligent mammals in their natural habitats is incomparable. There is a reason why dolphins on average live between 5 to 10 times longer in the wild.



We will drive back to NYC.

Arrival back to NYC at approximately 8 pm.




Hines Tours reserves the right to alter the itinerary, plans and arrangements for the tour, if in the judgment of Hines Tours it becomes advisable to do so. 



ID: Please bring a valid government issued identification. (Adults only)

CLOTHES: according to the weather. It it usually cooler and more windy out on the ocean. 

WATER: In a plastic bottle, especially on hot days. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.


RAIN GEAR: Even with no rain in the forecast, we recommend you to bring some rain gear.

CAMERA: With extra film highly recommended. 

BINOCULARS: Will help you view the wildlife

CASH: Although our tour is classified as an "all inclusive". It is advisable to bring some cash for souvenirs, snacks for the bus ride back and gratuities for the guide which is left to your discretion.

AN OPEN MIND: Although this is a recreational/leisure tour, you will also learn about the fascinating lives of the animals that inhibit our coastal waters.


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